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Valuation Services

As the key reseller of medical equipment in Europe, we have been instrumental in developing the market over the past quarter of a century. We have unrivalled experience and knowledge of medical equipment values, backed up by our extensive database of medical equipment sale prices and our own Hilditch Connect valuation tool. We offer a range of valuation and appraisal services to suit your requirements, from one off desk top values through to on-site asset assessments, inventory and valuation. Some of the services are detailed below, however please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.


Residual Value

Whether you are a hospital looking at future funding or a lease and finance company, residual value valuations are an essential tool in forecasting future income and values on equipment. We can provide residual values for the life of any item: unlike an accountant’s depreciated value, a residual value gives you a clear idea of what an item will be worth over the course of its life, whether you are intending to replace it in five, seven or ten years. This is essential for managing lease equipment but equally useful when planning replacement budgets for future years.


Business Transfer Value

The modern health market is now embracing more commercial practices, including outsourcing. We can provide a transfer value for a department’s assets or indeed an entire hospital’s. We can help you with your negotiations, whether taking on an outside facility or outsourcing to another provider.


Current Market Value

We provide commercial valuations of equipment for various market scenarios, including to a willing known buyer, under forced sale or a simple current open market valuation.


Age when replaced

Selling over 2000 items every month, we have a huge range of data of when equipment is sold. This is extremely useful in terms of planning equipment replacement in conjunction with its useful life, as well as planning leasing terms and extensions.